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Carlos Augusto

I was born in Cali, Colombia and at the age of ten arrived in N.Y.C. In high school, I took up photography, and the excitement lasted for several years.
A lifetime later in 2001 a blessing began. I started seeing these facial images (pareidolia) on the ground while commuting on my bicycle. It is a mind-blowing experience finding these images, photographing them, and now sharing them. Many of the photos have cigarette butts, leaves, or debris. None of the pictures has been altered in any form, shape, or manner before or after being taken(except cropping and darkening). All of these pictures have been reduced to a low resolution.

You can get any of the images in high resolution in any size and material that you desire in high-quality fine art photos, framed, duratrans on plexiglass, canvas, posters, postcards, books. Ship worldwide.

All are photographed in New York City. All images are limited edition/size/number or ONE OF A KIND.

  • Published review of work in the San Francisco Chronicles – The Many Faces of a Street Artist.
  • Awarded top placing in Long Island Federation of Photography.
  • Participated in the Brooklyn Camera Clubs events and competitions
  • Selected to exhibit work in the Brooklyn Museums photography division.

25% of the proceedings will go to

WBAI radio station